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Why Aike?

Aike stands as a forefront company specialized in the design, development and management of nature-based solutions projects tailored to support businesses in their journey towards decarbonization. Our solutions yield top-tier carbon credits that adhere to the most stringent global certification standards.

Aike is committed to deliver projects with a comprehensive and holistic approach which revolves around the following pillars:



Our projects generate carbon credits of the highest quality, meaning that their impact is measurable, additional, permanent, and positive for local communities and biodiversity.

Our commitment extends beyond merely achieving certification standards: we strive to surpass them, establishing our credits as the most reputable ones in the market.


NBS play

We work with multiple methodologies, as well as multiple association models and geographies. Our initiatives include both wood carbon capture and soil carbon capture.



The high carbon credit productivity and low-cost structure inherent in the South American play, combined with the scale we have already achieved, enable us to offer high quality carbon credits at the most competitive prices.



We are always at the forefront of new technologies to incorporate into our projects and our unique capabilities help us design and implement cutting-edge NBS projects, striving for maximum efficiency and impact.


& Restoration

We actively preserve and restore biodiversity in the areas where we operate. Our projects ensure that our carbon strategies are adapted to ensure the protection of critical species and ecosystems.



We believe that the path to a sustainable future involves empowering local communities. Our projects are designed to create positive social and economic impact.



We are unwaveringly committed to implementing ultra-rigorous practices and processes, underpinned by a team distinguished by its expertise in successfully delivering large-scale projects at the speed demanded by market, without compromising the highest standards of operational excellence.
We empower companies on their 
journey towards decarbonization.

Who we work with

At Aike, we have built a network of top-notch service providers and suppliers to guarantee the excellence of our operations. Furthermore, we have fostered robust relationships within an extensive network of partners, with whom we are enabling exponential growth opportunities for soil capture solutions.


Turning Vision into Action
Aike stands as the strategic partner for organizations seeking to transform their climate vision into impactful actions. We specialize in developing and managing NBS portfolios aimed at generating high-integrity carbon offsets. Our role is to assist our clients in embarking on tailored made NBS projects that align with their climate targets and deliver a range of co-benefits that are most meaningful to their businesses.

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Landowner & Producers

Aike will help landowners and agriculture and livestock producers discover, evaluate and compare opportunities to participate in nature-based solutions projects. Landowners and producers can take advantage of Aike´s unique team of experts to understand the full potential of their property and find a partner or buyer to be able to execute NBS projects.

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Lasting conservation and sustainable development must actively involve the people linked to the natural systems we seek to protect and enhance. Their voices must be at the centre of what we do. We are continually learning and growing in how we show up as an authentic, ethical partner.

Aike aims to work alongside the local communities and develop relationships based on respect, trust and mutual understanding to foster partnerships focused on shared interests.

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We have established a strategic partnership with Prosustentia, a highly reputable consulting firm from South America with over 13 years of experience in carbon markets, carbon credit certification, climate change mitigation programs, and sustainable development initiatives. To know more about Prosustentia click here

We collaborate with the Aike Foundation, a non-profit organization committed to promoting community integration, protecting biodiversity, and creating a flourishing environment for future generations. Their initiatives are active in locations where Aike NBS projects operate, offering assistance, education, and forming alliances for responsible environmental care and cultural development.

We advocate for community integration and a thriving environment for future generations

Our commitment to the environment and communities

▶ At Aike, we aspire to foster action in addressing the planet’s most pressing challenges – climate change, biodiversity loss, and community well-being. We are dedicated to crafting innovative, sustainable solutions that combat climate change while generating localized socioenvironmental impact.

Particularly, through innovative projects and strategic partnerships, we strive to create a multi-faceted impact, where each initiative not only combats climate change by sequestering carbon but also preserves and restores vital local ecosystems and generates positive social outcomes.

Our Method

Our method for the socio-environmental component is founded on four essential pillars, each carefully designed to ensure the success, transparency, and positive impact of our projects


We identify and map our stakeholders to understand and engage with the diverse individuals, communities, and organizations that our projects impact. We then generate open communication with stakeholders and engage in meaningful consultations, ensuring that their voices and concerns are at the forefront of our project development.

All our project areas undergo social and biodiversity baseline studies to provide us with critical insights to tailor our actions.

Management Plans

Once our baseline studies have established a thorough understanding of the social and environmental context, we craft detailed management plans. These plans guide our actions throughout project implementation, ensuring we are continuously aligned with our socioenvironmental goals and our stakeholders’ specific needs.

Implementation of Socioenvironmental Programs

Our commitment to sustainable development is realized through the implementation of a wide range of socioenvironmental programs. These programs actively engage communities, protect and restore biodiversity, and promote sustainable practices in the regions where we operate.


We believe that regular monitoring is vital to our socioenvironmental success. Our monitoring efforts encompass an ongoing dialogue with stakeholders through social interview campaigns and sampling campaigns and camara trap revisions for biodiversity monitoring. Ultimately, we apply an adaptative approach which allows our results to be integrated into our plans and adjust our strategies as needed. This ensures that we remain agile and responsive to changing circumstances and needs.

CCB Certification:

Aike strives to certify its projects with Verra’s Climate, Community, and Biodiversity (CCB) standard, that is a prestigious and globally recognized standard that acknowledges projects for their exceptional commitment to the environment, local communities, and biodiversity.