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What we do?

“Aike stands as a forefront company specialized in the design, development and management of nature-based solutions projects tailored to support businesses in their journey towards decarbonization. Our solutions yield top-tier carbon credits while adhering to the most stringent global standards.”

At Aike, we work on projects that transform climate action into tangible results. We contribute to fight climate change through carbon sequestration, while preserving and restoring local biodiversity and promoting the growth of local communities and the development of a sustainable economy.

“Adaptability and readiness to address
a wide spectrum of project requirements and challenges”

“Aike has strategically embraced a multi-dimensional approach, where diversification and innovation are distinctly evident across our project typologies, geographic regions, and the diverse range of partnerships and land ownership models.”

What does Aike mean?

Aike means ‘the place where one lives,’
and it is there and now where we must act.

South America?

We develop our projects in South America, a region with an enormous potential for substantial impact in the development of carbon credits through NBS projects. 

South America is home to 50% of Earth’s species, 25% of the world’s forests and arable land, and more than 30% of the world’s water resources.

South America’s agribusiness and forestry sectors are well known for their versatility, resilience, efficiency, and for the adoption of disruptive technologies. South America harbors a vast, young and well trained community with the skills required for the successful execution of NBS projects.

Where our first projects are located

Pia margarita
El Brevaje
Fortín Farías
La Alicia
Villa Zenaida
Finca Aguisot
La Providencia
Forest Conservation
Regenerative Agriculture
Regenerative Livestock
Improved Forest Management

the team

▶ We are a team of industry leaders with decades of experience, a proven track record in the carbon market, exceptional operational capabilities, and extensive expertise in forestry and agriculture. Additionally, we’ve built strategic relationships with top service providers.

Juan Garoby

Chief Executive Officer

Director general

Abbott Reynal

Chief Financial Officer

Director de finanzas

Domingo Galuccio

Chief Operating Officer

Director de operaciones

Federico Moyano

Project Design and Certification

Diseño y certificación de proyectos

Fernando García Frugoni

Regenerative Practices

Prácticas regenerativas

German Becerro

Forestry Operations

Operaciones forestales

Lucas Burzaco

Regenerative Practices Operations

Operaciones de prácticas regenerativas

Guido Petruszynsk

Forestry Operations

Operaciones forestales

Malena Galuccio

Social and Environmental Services

Servicios sociales y medioambientales

Alejandra Balanda Gomez

Health, Safety and Environment & Quality Assurance

Salud, seguridad y medioambiente & garantía de calidad

Agustín Musuruana

Livestock Management

Gestión ganadera

Agustín Gowland

Forestry Operations

Operaciones forestales

Francisco Garoby



Belen Alvarez Rivera



Delfina Gotsis

Business Development

Desarrollo de negocios

Florencia Groba

Business Development

Desarrollo de negocios

Julian Ramos

Project Management

Gestión de proyectos

Marcelo Loreiro

Field Operations

Operaciones de campo

Daniel Dos Santos

Field Operations

Operaciones de campo